High Potential 2018

Brand Communication

For the fifth consecutive year, Strichpunkt is breaking new ground in financial reporting with the Swiss ICT company ALSO. The challenge: to explain the company's complex business model as simply as possible and to work out the company's USP. Again: The enhanced Discover ALSO App, which gives the user an interactive overview of ALSO's performance, strategy, shares and services.

"High Potential" is the motto of ALSO's Annual Report 2018, which refers not only to the company's outstanding track record and continuing high growth potential (it is not without reason that analysts are making buy recommendations for ALSO), but also to the basis of its success: ALSO's employees.

In a separate brochure, we tell you about ALSO's Investible Idea. The most important key figures and business segments are presented with striking graphics. The three Senior Vice Presidents, who are responsible for ALSO's three business segments Supply, Solutions and as-a-Service, are an important part of the report. We bring their goals and fields of work, their vision and their stories closer to the readers.