Brand Design

WAGO is active as a provider in the field of connection technology and automation all over the world. However, the very customer-centric marketing strategy around the core "Empower" was not immediately perceived across countries and international campaigns were consistently implemented. All that was missing: minimal complexity, tools, and a clear communicative guideline.

In the first step Strichpunkt condensed the strategic positioning into a memorable core message. In parallel, the corporate design was modernized, a toolset of aids was developed and digitally made available. The internal rollout for the Marketing Summit was conceived and designed by Strichpunkt and the new guideline communicated to around 200 international users in interactive workshops.

The rollout of the revised design and the condensed communication strategy was a total success. The campaign developed by Strichpunkt is now the company's overarching communicative guiding campaign and its mechanics are decisive for all communication. Cases from all over the world are collected in social media and on a campaign website developed for this purpose, which pay off on the communicative target.