Modernizing an Icon of Joy

Brand Design

A refreshed appearance for the world's most popular couples vibrator brand, We-Vibe.

Nearly 20 years ago, Canadian couple Melody and Bruce Murison set out to create a safe, high-quality alternative to the existing range of vibrators that would enhance the lovemaking experience for couples. The brand We-Vibe was born.

After more than six million couple vibrators sold and continuous product improvements, including the launch of an associated app, it was time to modernize the entire appearance of We-Vibe and thus transport the brand vision into today's time: to enrich and improve the love life and intimate hours spent together with technically innovative products for everyone.

The logo, colors and typeface were optimized for the digital experience, with a focus on one of the brand's key touchpoints - the packaging, which confidently celebrates sexual togetherness. Revised imagery makes the brand more approachable and conveys a sense of connection between couples - the core idea of the brand. For efficient brand management of a B2C brand that operates globally and has a wide variety of touchpoints from social media, product packages and OoH advertising to in-store design, a web-based pattern generator was developed that automatically creates the key element of the branding, the vibrational waves, and makes them available for use across all touchpoints.

This is how We-Vibe creates unforgettable moments even before the product experience in thousands of boutiques, drugstores and online stores worldwide and, of course, on all communication channels.

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