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Where everything begins

Audi is driving the digital transformation forward. This is not merely the result of changing consumer demands, disruptive competitors or a new understanding of mobility: by 2020, digital transactions at Audi are set to account for around half of the company's turnover.

The digital domain is no longer a complementary channel. It is the first thing one has to consider.

Strategy Transformation

The feeling of


How does one design a consistent digital brand experience for a global brand? We believe: on the basis of a consistent interaction principle. Usability and identity complement one another, guaranteeing that the brand feels exactly the same in an app as it does in the car. The path to this goal: systematic reduction.

Letting go of old principles.
And a process that is constantly in transition.

Strategy Branding

The interface

becomes a brand

Interfaces act as the conduit between humans and technology and are increasingly becoming the main pillars of the brand. Designing these points of contact in a uniform and functional manner while at the same time creating an emotional brand experience – this is branding in the digital age.

The evolution of the process


Audi also sets benchmarks with its way of working. In order to evolve the brand, the company's strategy, conventional brand design and digital branding were bundled in a single project – and collaboratively developed by Audi and three agencies. At the same time, this integrated approach was reflected within the company. This led to a constructive process in which all participants worked in parallel and collectively to define the brand.

With truly pioneering results.

Strategy Way of working
"As a matter of principle, we no longer distinguish between digital and analogue channels." Simone Labonte,
Brand Identity Director Audi

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