Embracing modernity

A family-run company

in transition

Vorwerk can look back on a successful history dating back over 130 years. However, sometimes change is required in order to keep things the way they have always been. A process of reflection at Vorwerk led to an international realignment of the brand. And "to the greatest revolution ever to take place at Vorwerk".

Strichpunkt acted as CD lead agency overseeing the entire strategy process and developed a new, global corporate design.

An outdated


Vorwerk faced several challenges. The opportunities of the Internet? Didn’t fit with the sales concept at the time. The successful Kobold and Thermomix product brands? Had developed an active life of their own. The high quality? This was reflected neither by the design of the products nor by the brand image. The company was also keenly aware of the need to return to a strong umbrella brand. What to do?

A new brand architecture was created in close cooperation with Vorwerk. The entire brand image was transformed. The look and image were dusted off. The confusion of designs used across more than 70 countries worldwide was standardised.

And: the business model was changed.


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„Dieser Strategieprozess ist der größte Einschnitt in Vorwerks Markenauftritt und Vertriebsmodell seit 50 Jahren.“ Martin Berger,
Senior Vice President, Vorwerk

A development

with constants

Not everything was re-invented. However, everything that was superfluous was omitted. And elements designed in such a way as to create a contemporary appearance. Vorwerk Green was retained as the company colour, but its use was significantly pared back and it was complemented by other colours. At the same time, we added the generous use of white as a design background and elevated the green band, derived from the product design, to a design principle.

The result is a clear, pure image that conveys the premium standards of the brand.

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A genuine

success story

For Vorwerk, the courage to change has paid off. Since the relaunch, the company has posted one record year after another. The new Thermomix TM5 alone, which was launched in 2014, achieved sales growth of 49.4% in 2015, and a further 20% in 2016. In recognition of its new direction, Vorwerk also received the brand award in the "Best Brand Relaunch" category in 2015 and the German Brand Award in the "Brand Manager of the Year" category in 2016.

The history of the family-owned company from Wuppertal continues successfully into the future.

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