Modernising a traditional brand

Our collaboration with Vorwerk began in 2010. A brand that had relied exclusively on direct sales for 80 years. The famous Kobold upright vacuum cleaner was available exclusively from sales representatives who called at the door, and the Thermomix food processor through party-plan systems. The brand was definitely successful. But more than a little long in the tooth.

The time had come to position Vorwerk for the future.

Strategy Challenge

An outdated


Vorwerk faced several challenges. The opportunities of the Internet? Didn’t fit with the sales concept at the time. The successful Kobold and Thermomix product brands? Had developed an active life of their own. The high quality? This was reflected neither by the design of the products nor by the brand image. The company was also keenly aware of the need to return to a strong umbrella brand. What to do?

A new brand architecture was created in close cooperation with Vorwerk. The entire brand image was transformed. The look and image were dusted off. The confusion of designs used across more than 70 countries worldwide was standardised.

And: the business model was changed.

Strategy Revolution

A radical


The strategy process produced an innovative development at Vorwerk: the opening for e-commerce and social media. A global brand such as Vorwerk could no longer ignore the potential of the Internet. This caused a certain amount of turmoil within the company. However, it seems that the customer base was merely waiting for the company to make the change: today, the on-line communities unite more than 3.6 million people. Face-to-face product sales remain at the heart of the Vorwerk DNA.

At the same time, the concept was transformed from traditional direct sales to the global multi-channel approach.

Strategy Hierarchy

Symbols of


One of the most important measures on the path to reorientation was the clear separation of the umbrella brand and product brands. This was clearly visible in the adaptation of the logos. The Vorwerk logo was retained as the design mark. The product brands on the other hand were converted into word marks. Although their design language continued to refer to their origin – they clearly migrated under the umbrella brand in the hierarchy.

Strategy Retail

Welcome to


Vorwerk came up with another idea to introduce the paradigm shift: the first flagship store. The Vorwerk Store Hamburg opened in 2011 and was very well received from the outset. On two floors, it provides people with new ways to discover and experience vacuum cleaners, Thermomix appliances and carpets. There are now over 50 Vorwerk shops in Germany.

All shaped by the new corporate design.

Vorwerk Flagship Store,
Hamburg Jungfernstieg

"This strategy process marks the most important impact on Vorwerk’s brand identity and sales model in 50 years." Martin Berger,
Senior Vice President, Vorwerk

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