Cautiously embracing modernity

The new Logo

The rebranding of the DFB was an evolution rather than a revolution. The new brand identity combines modernity with proven and familiar values. It combines the things that define the brand with the directions in which it wants to develop. The DFB logo was slightly adapted for this purpose and features a simpler and clearer design.

The entire identity was tidied up and revitalised.

The football pitch

is the defining feature

The brand identity has become clearer and simpler, to create space for the many and varied applications. Characteristic features include the generous use of white space and the sections of the pitch. Fine, green lines that permit a playful approach to design.

An element that every football fan will easily recognise.

Insightsdesign principle

Anwendungsbeispiele neuer Markenauftritt

Tactics as

a design element

What would football be today without the correct strategy? The tactics icons are provided as additional illustrative elements in DFB Grey. Scalable, flexible – and intended for use over the football pitch markings as they would be in the stadium.


the new

brand typefaces

Strichpunkt has developed the new brand typefaces DFB Sans and DFB Stencil for the DFB. The DFB Stencil is the defining stylistic feature of the DFB Cup, the DFB Academy and the DFB Fan Club. Together with strong colour worlds and the football pitch markings, it creates a powerful brand identity. The DFB umbrella brand and DIE MANNSCHAFT use the DFB Sans typeface, which embodies excellence. Together, both fonts are strong and robust, solid and timeless.

A real dream team.

DFB Stencil

DFB Sans Bold

DFB Sans Regular


The complete picture

of football

The new imagery is colourful and much brighter. Above all, it is authentic and radiates emotion and passion. The images depict real-life situations from the football environment and cover top-flight events as well as the world of amateur sports.

Covering the full spectrum from hero characters and "selfie charm", they convey a high-quality and consistent overall impression.

Insightsicon set

Pixel perfect

icon set

The cross-brand icon set is conceptually derived from the football pitch graphics. The basis therefore consists exclusively of rectangles and circles - the best precondition for a consistent style that has been creatively implemented. The icons for all DFB brand worlds can be configured in three colour variants. Pixel perfect.

To the point in content and design.

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