Design brought to life

A visual appearance for the most dynamic brand


Spirited from the beginning:


What does the right logo look like for a brand with a digital soul? One that connects people, mobility and technology? We think the answer is a logo in motion. One that interacts. One that lives. And one that is ready for everything to come: the living logo is just as much an expression of artificial intelligence that seamlessly networks everything as it is a personal assistant for a mobile life.

It has become the face of the brand and its users.

The roots

The heart of Weltmeister’s living logo consists of five rounded bars: Symbolising vehicles moving together on lanes


Showing a combination of Weltmeister’s initials W and M.

The ecosystem

Each bar of the WM Logo has a specific meaning.

The wave

Forming a sine wave – a symbol for the power of electrical energy.


Functionally constructed


Weltmeister’s digital concept is precise and structured. At the same time, the emotional imagery ensures warmth. The colours are powerful: pure white and deep blue form the background of a vibrant green colour gradient. A combination that gives a fresh platform, not only to the vehicles, but also to the people who are part of our movement. Young, open, urban, authentic, alive.

Ready to lead the way and change something.

Solid Green

Yellowish Green

Mint Blue

Dark Blue

HyQiHeiX2 35W

HyQiHeiX2 45W

HyQiHeiX2 55W

HyQiHeiX2 85W

Western Font & Alternative

The a to b of


To shape communication with the user as easily as possible, we have developed a comprehensive set of icons. In this respect, mobility itself has inspired us: all icons move from A to B and connect two points of a journey with a continuous line.

Functional, scalable and independent UI design.

Inspiring other creatives


To adapt to an ever-changing, responsive world, we created the layout principle for Weltmeister. Within the new CD Net every single element needed for print & digital applications can be downloaded — from the very basic user interface (e.g. Buttons, Sliders and Selection Controls) through to complex mobile, web & print layouts — ready to use and modify. Mobility starts with flexible design. A toolbox, that thinks ahead different media, inspires other creatives and enables fast and easy prototyping.

A corporate design, that is ready for the fastest developing country of the world.

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