For People and Mobility

On the way to a

New Identity

In 2014, the old Volkswagen Group Forum was at a turning point. The building was remodelled. The name was changed. And, together with Strichpunkt, a new opportunity was discussed – more than just opening another stylish showroom.

A vibrant, modern brand at the heart of a bustling city.


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Mobility drives

us all

It was the start of a new corporate identity for DRIVE. The Volkswagen Group Forum posed questions: what should DRIVE stand for in the future? Is it a car dealership or an embassy? Is it a shop window or a meeting place? Representative or relevant? What has been established is a place with a clear idea and a new identity.

An engine driving the mobility of tomorrow.


Brainstorming for

the future

As a space for ideas, DRIVE is concerned with mobility. Its central design element is the arrow. As a symbol for drive and movement, the graphic logo changes its direction just as quickly as its shape: 12 arrows represent the 12 brands that regularly use the Forum. DRIVE has become unmistakeable thanks to a flexible interplay of arrows, colours and a powerful typeface. The corporate design has come alive in the printed imagery and communication within the space and in both the guidance system and the digital apps.

A modern brand at the heart of a bustling city.

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for everyone

What do you do when presenting 12 strong brands in interactive exhibition spaces that want to have their own identities? Our idea was to create a visual brand that is independent and reserved at the same time.

This opens up space. Even for an entire Group.